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Wendy Kelley

  • Technology and Workflow Consulting

  • Training and Seminars

  • Business Advisory Program

  • Bookkeeper Mentorship Program

  • Alumni Member of Intuit's Accountant Council

My experience with QuickBooks began many years ago with the implementation of the very first version for my own family business. It was a nightmare, but I fumbled my way through it and didn't give up.

Founder | Director
Certified ProAdvisor Payroll_2021.png
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As I continued using QuickBooks, I gained valuable experience and first-hand knowledge of the changes and improvements that were constantly being made. I soon began to love QuickBooks. 

Now I have a passion for helping business owners who are experiencing the same struggles. I really do understand how they feel. ​By leveraging the latest technology, I am able to automate and simplify their processes. I love seeing the smiles that come with the realization that bookkeeping and payroll don't have to be complicated and overwhelming. 

When I'm not busy working, I am either painting or spending time with my family and, as often as possible, I am traveling somewhere fantastic. I love to travel!

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