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Catch-up, Checkup, Cleanup



  • Bookkeeping brought up-to-date

  • Plan implemented to keep it up-to-date

  • Careful examination of your QuickBooks data

  • Comprehensive report of findings

  • Plan of action for resolving

  • Implementation of plan developed during your QuickBooks Checkup

  • Fee for Checkup applied 

"Our books were and had been off for awhile and the CPA, his assistant and myself couldn't quite put our finger on it. The more I tried to correct it the worse I made it until it got so complicated .....frustrated, near tears I called Wendy. Through my almost non existent explanation she found it and corrected it with me online. Her expertise and ability are so hard to find. After tax season I'm calling her to correct some minor accounts and then go to her school."

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