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Updated QBO Navigation

Intuit has updated the left navigation bar in "Business View" from a flat list to...well, you just have to see it to fully appreciate it. (Switch to "Business view" by clicking "Switch to Business view" at the bottom of the Settings box.)

As new features were added, the navigation list grew...and grew...and grew. In an attempt to reduce the length of the list, functions have been grouped together into 8 main categories:

  • Get things done

  • Business overview

  • Banking

  • Get paid & pay

  • Payroll

  • Bookkeeping

  • Taxes

  • Apps

When a category is clicked, the main menu collapses and a submenu appears. Let's talk about each of these categories.

Get Things Done

This is the only category that does not have a submenu. It takes you straight to the new Workspace. Workspace is similar to the Home page in QuickBooks desktop versions. Early adopters of QBO will recognize this feature as it was included in the earliest versions.

Business Overview

This category provides access to reports and planning. It's submenu includes:

  • Business overview

  • Reports

  • Planner

  • Projects


Unlike before, this category does not take you to the Banking Center. It includes the following:

  • Capital

  • Business credit score

  • PPP center

Yes! You can now see your business credit score in QBO.

Get Paid & Pay

This is where you will find Customer and Vendor activity. It's submenu includes the following:

  • Overview

  • Customers

  • Invoices

  • Payment links

  • Products & services

  • Vendors


This category appropriately includes:

  • Employees

  • Contractors

  • Worker's comp


This category name seems a little confusing at first (after all, isn't everything in QBO about bookkeeping??), but when you see what the submenu includes, it makes more sense. Included are the things the bookkeeper or accountant will want to access.

  • Transactions (Banking Center)

  • Rules

  • Chart of Accounts

  • Tags

  • My accountant

  • Reconcile


This category includes:

  • Sales tax

  • Payroll tax


Currently this category is where you will find Mileage. I must assume that this is also where a business will see their integrated apps. It most likely will not be visible for the accountant.

In Summary

The new "Business view" navigation bar is a move in the right direction. For the most part, I think the groupings make sense. If you have any suggestions for improvement, be sure to send your feedback to QuickBooks. They do listen!

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