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Wendy Kelley
Sep 11, 2020
In Payroll
Are you using QuickBooks Online Payroll? Gusto? Patriot Software? ADP? Paychex? Heard about the latest and greatest, Rippling? So many options!! What are you using and why? What is your favorite feature? Is there anything you would like to see added? Currently I am using several options: QBO Payroll, Patriot Software and Rippling. Which is my favorite? Love them all for different reasons. Using QBO Payroll is best for companies that want a one-stop shop for bookkeeping and payroll. Patriot Software is easy to use, very affordable and has great customer service. Rippling...well, you just have to check them out. It's an entirely new concept and I love it! (Go here to schedule a demo.)
What payroll service are you using? content media

Wendy Kelley

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